Coaldale and District Soccer Association
  Saturday, December 20, 2014  
    Welcome to the
    Coaldale and District Soccer Association
    CDSA Indoor Season Registration
    Only 20 players per session -  no late registrations accepted
    Registration from Aug 15th - Oct 3rd/2014
    Mark's Mighty Mites   Register here!
    U6 Tuesday    @ 6:15pm  20 of 20 spots filled
    U8 Tuesday    @ 7:15pm  20 0f 20 spots filled
    U6 Thursday   @ 6:15pm  7 of 20 spots filled ... 14 left
    U10 Thursday @ 7:15pm  6 of 20 spots filled ... 15 left
    The cost is $50 per player for the season.
    Start October 7 and October 9 and goes until End of November.
    Start again January 6 and 8th and end March 31 and April 2.
    May be random dates we miss because of school calendar.
    Program will focus on:
    Skill development, fundamentals, team play, & fun!
    The goal is to move the players skill from start to finish.
    They will spend the better part of the hour with a ball at their feet dribbling, playing, passing, shooting.  
    They will improve in their understanding of the game!
    This hour a week of soccer will be exciting and active.


    A couple of huge Thank You's

    Thank you to all our Volunteer's

    Specifically the Coaches.

    It is because of you that soccer in Coaldale is possible

    Our coaches give so much of themselves and we want to acknowledge and honor the time and effort you have put in to molding and building into the players on your teams.

               U4                                                                    U6                                    

    Ferrets - Amanda Burton                             Barracudas - Jody Staples

    Groundhogs - Kelly Weiers                          Dolphins - Sarah Maynard

    Hedgehogs - Katie Yanke                            Manata Rays - Samantha Vervoort

    Possums - Lloyd Clarke                               Marlins - Dan Van Ee

    Rabbits - Tate Strum                                   Orcas - Dana Anwender/Conner C.

    Raccoons - Mike Schroyen                           Sharks - Jake McLaren

                                                                      Swordfish - Evan Mayo

                                                                      Sting Rays - Bonnie Dyck


               U8                                                                     U10/11

     Blue Jays - Diane Gallagher                        Cheetahs - Les Gugyelka

    Cardinals - Mark Dyck                                 Jaguars - Nathan Neudorf

    Eagles - Brandy D-B./Jennifer S.                 Lions - Virginia Nelson/Melody Garner

    Hawks - Tamra Barwegen/Jolene B.            Panthers - Mark/Adrienne Shipton

    Osprey - Leon Diek                                      Pumas - Irv Dick

    Ravens - Tony Tams                                    Wild Cats - Alex Visscher/Ashley B.


             U14                                                          U16

    Cyclones - Ryan Dueck                                Kodiaks - Ruby De Groot

    Hurricanes - James Reimer                          Silver Tips - Darcy Wall

    Lightning - Kyle Hanna                                

    Tornados - Kevin Perry                                       U18

                                                                      Pirates - Daniel/Gabriele Donkersgoed                                                                   Vikings - Nic Voorhorst/ Brian V.


    To our refs we say a big THANK YOU!

    Thank you for being at all the games and working hard to make this a great place to play soccer. For all the time you have taken to be trained and then the effort to work alongside coaches and players who don’t always respond to your correcting and authority on the field. Yet you still persevere You are the back bone of our program and we are so thankful to you all for your work on and off the field.

    A big Thank You to Tim Hortons.

    Just so all our participants know. Timmy's has for that last few years donated all the equipment for our U4 program and this year has given so generously that all our U4 players were able to take home a soccer ball along with their little Soccer Jerseys.

    Another huge THANK YOU to the Mennonite Church

    In our Hour of Need you opened up your gym and allowed 500 soccer people to come through and use your facility. Without you our final day would have been a disaster instead of the positive wrap-up that it was.

    And Lastly but not least THANK YOU to all you Players and Parents

    Thank you for coming out all season Playing and Learning to play this fantastic sport and in general building Community in our Awesome Town. From the Board we just want to say what a pleasure it has been, to meet and work with, all those who have participated and been a part of soccer this year. We hope to see much more of you in the future.

    With that being said - please keep watching the website for changes as we will be advertising the indoor season starting this fall.

    We hope you all have a Fantastic summer.


    Thank you to Mark and his team @ deJourdan's for taking our Photos this year.
    If you wanted to take re-shoots or have any questions about photos
    Please contact Naomi @ deJourdan's
    Naomi Mason - deJourdan's Photographics <
    Southern Alberta Summer Games (Click Here)
    are being held July  4 & 5 in Pincher Creek
    Coaldale would like to enter one U12 team
    and the County of Lethbridge would like to put a U14, U16 and a U18 team in.
    If you are interested in coaching or playing please contact CDSA or the Town of Coaldale.
    Currently we are have coaches for:
    U8 - Mark Dyck - (
    U14 - Tamra Barwegen (
    If you would like your child to play for either please contact the coaches directly.
    Refs:  Interested in getting trained and certified as an ASA Ref.?
              The CDSA will pay all your training and certification fees
                      AND pay you to ref games.
              This is a great money maker for anyone 12 years and
                            Contact Kelly Weiers
            Follow us on Twitter
    A Big Thank You to our Retiring President - Mark Dyck.
    Mark was instrumental in establishing our U6, U8 & U10 Indoor Programs
    at Jennie Emery School.
    Now and Forever called:  "Mark's Mighty Mites"!
    Congratulations to the new Board Executives:
    Kelly Weiers - President -
    Virginia Nelson - Vice-President -
    Loren Visscher - Registrar-
    Chenariy Erick - U4 Coordinator -
    We would also like to welcome Mark Shipton as a new Director for CDSA and Coaldale Thunder.

    Visit our home page at


    Kelly Weiers - President-
    Vrginia Nelson -Vice-President-
    Tina Kochan - Secretary -
    Everett Deurkson - Treasurer -
    Chenairy Erick - U4 TimBits Soccer Coordinator -
    Mark Shipton - Thunder Rep.
    Loren Visscher - Registrar-
    Virginia Nelson - Equipment Co-ordinator-

    CDSA Mail address - P.O. Box 207, Coaldale, AB, T1M 1M3


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